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My Expertise

I can provide services from the list below tailored to your clubs requirements
Course Audit & Report


If you are unsure of the condition of your course, or you would just like an evaluation of where your golf course is in standard, I can provide a full course Audit and report for your course to identify any issues. I can also provide insights into how to resolve any issues in both the short term and the long term as required.

​Staff Development


If you are experiencing difficulties with staff, or you feel there is a need for further development of your staffs greenkeeping skills or knowledge, I can offer full re-training  and evaluation where necessary, and act as a mentor to your staff as your golf course moves forward towards a brighter and more exciting future. 


Strategy & Organization


In a changing industry filled with many different opinions, it is vitally important to have a strong strategy or roadmap in place, tailored to your golf courses requirements and aspirations for the future. From top to bottom there needs to be consistency of opinion and understanding in order to achieve a lasting legacy of excellence.  




Sustainability is an integral part of good golf course management. As we experience more and more extreme weather caused by climate change, the record heatwaves and cold snaps, downpours and droughts, coupled with increasingly stringent legislation regulating water and pesticide use, there has never been a better time to embrace sustainable course management methods.

Management Program


I can provide a comprehensive course management program, using cost-effective traditional and sustainable methods and materials, specific to your courses requirements. I can also advise on all other aspects of greenkeeping including equipment and machinery, chemicals and materials, and everything and anything else.

Projects & Improvements


I can offer advice and guidance on any projects & improvements that could be made to enhance and improve your course. From the planning stage right through to the completed project, and also offer training to your staff so that they can complete championship standard projects for themselves. Have a look at my Before and After photo's for some of my recent projects and improvements.


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